1. Alexander Sleeth (1750 – 1820)
Revolutionary War Rank of Ensign
6th Great Grandfather

2. Thomas Sleeth (1788 – 1870)
Served in War of 1812
5th Great Uncle

3. Andrew J. Jackson Middleton (1841 – 1878)
Civil War Army, I Company, 29th Indiana Regiment Morristown, Indiana
3rd Great Grandfather

4. Joe G. Ruano (1896 – 1959)
Served in the Army WWI
Great Uncle through marriage to Aunt Josephine Duran, sister to the five brothers who served in WWII

WWI Army Jan. 24, 1918 to Jan 23, 1919



Grandfather and four of his brothers served. Great Grandmother, Margarita Seville Duran, received Blue Star Flag with 5 stars (pictured below):

A picture of Great Grandmother Duran and her 5 boys, all HEROES to me!


The five WWII Brothers:

1. Anthony Seville Duran (Great Uncle Tony, the oldest of the 5) ARMY


2. Richard Seville Duran (Great Uncle Richard, Navy and Pearl Harbor Survivor)


3. Manuel Seville Duran (Great Uncle Manual, Army Air Corps)


4. Alfonso Seville Duran (Great Uncle Fonse, My GodFather, Army)


5. Ralph Seville Duran (My Grandfather, Grandpa Duran, Greatest Fisherman, Navy)



My wife’s side of the family:

1. David Reese Bridgette (Wife’s Grandfather, Whitey, PaPaw Whitey, Army Air Corps)
Served on the island of Tinian where the Enola Gay took off for Japan.


2. Robert A. Harlow (Wife’s Grandfather, BobPa, Served in Germany, Army Air Corps)

Uncle Tom Spor US Army 1956 -1960 (Known as UT, Helicopter Mechanic in Italy, Rank of SPC4)

1. Ralph Vincent Duran (My Father, Dad, SGT US Army, 1967-1971)
68th MP Company, Italy, 559th MP Company, Ft. Monroe VA, 980th
MP Company, Sierra Army Depot CA, 4th BN 18th INF, Berlin Germany

My bio:

Military Career:

Marshall Army ROTC, 1988-1989, WVANG 19th SFAG (AIRBORNE), 1990-1991, 3rd INF (The Old Guard) Ft. Myer VA, 1991-1994, WVANG 19th SFAG (AIRBORNE), 1995-1998, PAANG 1998-1999, 128th FSB, PAANG 2005-2020, 128th BSB, 2nd BDE 28th INF, Deployed to IRAQ 2008-2009, 56th SBCT 1-111th INF (ASSOCIATORS), Retired ARMY/PAANG MSC Captain/03, 24 total years of service.

MOS: Enlisted 31C – Communications, 68W – Combat Medic
Commissioned Officer 70B- Medical Platoon leader, 70K – Medical Logistics,  70H – Medical Operations Officer


Recently Served and Serving now :

My Brother-in-Law MAJ (Ret) Luke Phillips.  Retired in 2017 with 20 years of service. First picture 1LT Phillips serving in Iraq 2006 with 19th SFAG (AIRBORNE) WVARNG. Second picture serving as Chaplain CPT Phillips during Airborne Operations Training Ft. Benning GA 2010.


This is my niece Taylor Evans Koenig.  She served in the Air Force and was honorably discharged as an E3/Airman First Class.


These are pictures of my Nephew Matthew Evans.  Currently serving in the Navy and trained as a Navy Rescue Swimmer assigned to the Marines rate of AWS2.  His rank is Petty Officer 2nd class.


This pic is of my Nephew Cody Koenig who was honorably discharged from the Air Force as an E4 Senior Airmen.

This picture is of my Nephew PFC Bryan Martin,
United States Marine 2012-2016
UDP Okinawa units 2/6 13-14, 3/2 15-1